1 June is International Children’s Day

Good morning friends. Today is 1 June 2020 and it’s international children’s day. It’s important to date of the calendar that we shouldn’t forget. Everything started In 1925 when International Children’s Day was proclaimed in Geneva during the World Conference on Child Welfare. Since this day, 1 June is celebrated in many countries as international children’s day but it varies by country. ( how is accepted).

Children are innocent souls, too honest, too small people. Children are flowers that need water to grow and this water is love. They are different flowers so when are together they create one beautiful garden. Children are our future and hope for life.

They are little creatures that need love from both parents so they can grow happily. They don’t want to fight but just peace and harmony family. So let’s celebrate this day with them and show all love we have for them as a parents, grandparents, uncles, etc.

children's day

Is looking at old photos making you bad or happy, read the post we shared recently that will tell you the answer to this question.

My opinion is that every day should be children’s day and we all as parents should love our children, take care of them without yelling, without violence.

children's day
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I can either write many words abut children because I love them too much but here I must stop this post and this is the end. The time runs out and here I just want today thanks for your time and wish you today to have the best day with your children.