Are you or Those People That are Never Satisfied with Anything?

There are people that whatever you do for them they are never satisfied. Even though when you give all the free time you have and effort for the job, suddenly your boss tells you that this is not what he was looking for and he asks you to stay after work. Not just with the boss but the situation can be the same in the home. Even though if you washed the dishes, clean the house, made the lunch for your family, your mother stills aren’t satisfied with your work and she doesn’t even say BRAVO to you.

What about the students and schools? The same thing happens to them also. They get good grades a no one supports them and none is satisfied with their result, not even their parents and teachers. This explains the fact that there are some people that are never satisfied with anything in life, are you ONE OF THEM? If you really are please make the change as soon as possible, change yourself!

satisfied people
Photo via www.psychologytoday.com

If you ever have faced with these people my advice for you is to never be like them and if you have close people like this, try to avoid their company. Maybe with this, they will learn how to be satisfied with something that you have done for them, cleaning the house, finishing the project, taking goof grades and something else.

To sum up, we should all be satisfied with life, with the new morning, with people that make some good things for us. We should say THANKS and BRAVO to every person that comes into our life, to the family members and everything else.

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