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Awesome Tips & Tutorial to Realistic Drawing by Silvie Mahdal Art

I know that we can’t be all painters like Picasso, but with tips like the following, we can make a portrait from friends, people with love, from us and to do that in a realistic way. In the following photos you will see the full instruction about what color of pencils to use for mouth, eyes or nose, the hair also you can see. The tips and tutorials about this realistic drawing are given by Silvie Mahdal Art. Thanks to her we can learn how to draw at home and feel like a pro!!!

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The basic outlines and the final drawing.

H, 3B, 4B and 2B.

realisitic drawning

Check the tips about drawing realistic eyes.

Check the photo for the final drawing.

Check the basic shading about drawing mouth that will look so realistic so e can be proud of our draw.

The texture, shadows and highlights about drawing a hair.

Basic shapes, basic shading, finishing, and the details, CHECK:

Drawing the eyes from all three perspectives.

In the end, we decided to show you the final project and final draw! Admit it that is so realistic and looks so nice!!! Will you try to paint this and make it!!!

realisitc drawning by Silvie


At the end of the post, I hope that at the moment you are free and you will take pencils in your hand and one blank paper in A4 and you will try to make a portrait of the person you love the most!!! Thanks for your time and keep reading our creative posts, I hope that they are very creative, tell us in a comment if I am in right!!!