Babies Should Sleep With Mothers Until the age of 3

The new research that we made, reveals that babies should sleep with mothers until the age of three. Many parents don’t do this and leave their babies sleeping in other rooms and with this leaving the bad effect of their children and separating their babies from them when they need the most love to grow. The key to helping children to get rest better is to sleep togehter with their mom.

,, Optimal development of healthy newborns was observed in two-day-old babies who slept on their mother’s chest instead of cots for the first two weeks of their life. The infants who slept in cribs weren’t as rested as those who slept next to their mothers; they also experienced more stress,,

Explains, Dr. Nils Bergman of the University of Cape Town, South Africa,

This isn’t just opinion of this doctor but is an opinion and insight to many other pediatricians that share the same opinion.

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babies should sleep with mothers
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Some mothers are afraid that they will hurt the baby while sleeping but this isn’t possible, yur baby is here and knows how to defend and will give you a sign with crying. The other mothers, are just tired and can’t hear their baby’s crying per night so they simply throw the baby in another baby bed or crab to sleep comfortably.

Please be responsible mothers and wait until your baby turns 3. When this period will come, you can decorate a room for your toddler that isn’t baby anymore, to sleep separately and now to have enough time to sleep per night. Be patient, your baby is baby only for a period and after this period passes you’ll be missing those days. Now, your baby needs you!

After reading this post, I hope that you won’t throw away your baby on another bed or in another room. Take you, baby, to your own bed and bedroom and show all the love you feel for it as a parent! Thanks so much and here we will finish this post!