Banana Art Ideas For You

Hey friends. Today we are here to give you banana art ideas for you, ideas to cheer you up and at the same time to inspire you. You will see banana dolphins, bananas in the watermelon and many more ideas. Learn how to make it and then, make a surprise for your little humans for the biggest day, for their birthday!

Banana art and watermelon

In the first photo, we can see banana and watermelon, mix for any kind of party and birthday. Look at this photo now and have idea in mind for the next party ever.

banana art
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Carving with banana and grapes

Make surprise for your colleague at work with these banana dolphins. Complete the food art with grapes and this is it, you have wonderful food art in the glass!!!

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Banana and kiwi palm trees

In the third photo, we can see banana and kiwi palm trees and we can all make these lovely small trees for our table catering. I will save this photo on my desktop and use it as an idea for the birthday party of my husband.

banana palm trees
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Make banana train with strawberries wheels

The next photo is about how to make a banana train and the wheel can be from strawberries. Use this photo to make the same thing in your free time and get ready for your birthday party and any other celebration.

banana train
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Make banana dog and decorate with berries

The last photo is about how to make a dog by using a banana and decorate with berries: strawberries, blueberries, blackberries or even raspberries. Combine all this and create a vitamin bomb in only one plate!

banana dog
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While we are talking about food art, check about Watermelon art, the post we shared recently and most of the readers were interested in it. thanks a lot for your time and attention, we hope that you are inspired now.