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Cabbage Leaves Can Cure Your Pain!!!

We have many health benefits of eating cabbage but not just from eating it but cabbage leaves can be the best cure for you. Breast swelling, knees pain, and many other health conditions can be cured with this magical cabbage leaves. Read more on this topic hereinafter the post.

Cabbage leaves can cure your breast pain and swelling

This is especially importnat for young mothers that are breastfeeding their baby. Rinse off two cabbage leaves, remove excess water and apply to breasts. Hold the cabbage leaves until they come warm and find a natural cure for mastitis, just save your milk.

cabbage leaves can cure your pain
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Cabbage leaves can cure your knees and joint pain

Many women and men after 50 have knees problems and sometimes they feel so much pain in here that can’t be cured with medicine. When medicine doesn’t help, cabbage will help you to cure your knees pain. Apply the leaves in the same way as we told you with the breasts. Hold the leaves until the cabbage takes the hot temperature that your body has, and your pain will be decreased as soon as possible.

cabbage leaves
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It can cure your arthritis

Also, cabbage leaves can reduce your arthritis. It can’t cure it completely but at least it will make your pain smaller and help you living life normally like before.

It can cure inflammation and injuries

You know that many injuries are threatening with ice so you must know that cabbage has the same effect as the ice. Apply the leaves on the injury and feel the effect.

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