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Children Reflect Their Parent’s Behavior

Unfortunately, children reflect their parent’s behavior for good things but also for bad and the worst things. This is why we can sometimes hear that children are a mirror of their parents and day by day they become the same as they are.

This can tell us a lot of things. First of all, to be careful about how we behave in a company with our children, wish or not, they hear everything and see everything. There are some habits that we simply don’t want to inherit our children but if we behave like that, they will surely inherit it.

Second of all, if you do good things, helping people around, you will give a good example to your children and be a good educator for their future. But, if you are bad with other people and animals too, you will surely be a bad example that your child, unfortunately, will follow in the future and later in life. We can hear how student’s aren’t behaving well at school and for this aren’t fault their teacher but their home education and the character of their children!

The third of all, they learn about love while seeing their parents together which is a great example of how should they behave while getting married. The best thing that one father can do for his children is to love his wife and never raise his hand on her!!! Many violent men take the example of their father that was violet with their woman in the past and now the history is repeating, unfortunately. As a father, be a good example for your children.

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Dear parent, you are a mirror that reflects your child so please be careful what kind of example you are to the next generation! This is my advice for you for today and this post.

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