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Child’s Mental Health is More Important Than Their Grades

We as a parents wish our children (students) to get good grades but we shouldn’t focus on their grades. Actually, science and psychologists say that their mental health is even more important than the grades. Like the adults are changing, it’s the same case with children’s students.

There is a period when they will be more focused on school and will surely get good grades. But also there is a bad period when they simply can’t learn. In these days we should feel guilty or accuse our children. Otherwise, we should be thankful if they are healthy, wealthy little people.

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For example, if your children have serious mental issues, how can he/she work and study to full potential in school and later in life. We should understand that not every child can get good grades, sometimes children inherit the intelligence from their mothers so it isn’t their fault if they aren’t good at school.

There are examples when children at a young age aren’t doing well results in school but later when they go to high school they are the best in the class.

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