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Clean Your Bathroom With Toilet Cleaning Bombs

Hi friends. We will end up this day with our idea about how to keep clean your bathroom. Stay with us and read useful information for the hygiene at your home. Also, go back to read about what can help you to fight acne on your face skin and enjoy fresh and young skin.

Keeping hygiene at home is of the highest importance especially when you have small kids. We must keep clean the whole house every day which might be hard sometimes.

To ease you a while, we will show you how to clean your bathroom with cleaning bombs that yo can make at home. Check the following photos and learn how to make it and clean the bathroom in just 5 minutes. Prepare the cleaning bomb at home when stores are closed and the material you need is this:

  • Half a cup of Citric acid
  • Half a cup of Borax
  • water in a spray bottle
  • an Essential oil ( we all have it)
  • A Silicone Mold

Mix all ingredients and add the mixture in the silicone molds ( those that you were using before for making muffins). This is it, now you have made toilet cleaning bombs and you can use one by one each day and keep clean and nice smelling your toilet.

clean your bathroom
Photo via www.homebliss.in

And the result is this in the following photo! You can clean your bathroom too if you mix all ingredients we shared with you.

cleaning toilet

Thanks a lot for your time and keep following our page tomorrow when we will write a post about how to clean the home for just 5 minutes. Bye and have sweet dreams!