Climate Change – The reason for Polar Bears Turning to Cannibalism

In the past, polar bears where rarely eating each other which lead them to cannibalism just to survive. Otherwise, nowadays, the fact that is polar bears are turning to cannibalism. Read more on this topic in the post below.

polar bears turning into cannibalism
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Due to rising temperatures, ice are falling and here there is no food for these innocent white polar bears. Polar bears use the ice to hunt fish in the waters but if there is no ice they can’t hunt and this lead them to hunger.

The other factor is actually a human activity in Artic that are witness to horrific events. They are setting shops in the place where the home of the white bear is, so with this they get upset.

I think that we should all respect that white polar bears evolved 5,000 years ago so we should respect them, help them somehow and stop ruining their home and ice.

This situation started in late 1970 but now is rapidly increasing. Mothers with new cubs have to hunt for two of them, but if there is no ice, they can’t hunt but must live somehow. One or two of her cubs stay with mother for about 2 years, which is a long period.

Cases of cannibalism among polar bears are a long-established fact, but we’re worried that such cases used to be found rarely while now they are recorded quite often,’

Mordvintsev told Interfax news agency.

My opinion is that not just white bears but also other predators eat each other and we people are very responsible for this situation, and especially climate change.

I’m sure that you didn’t enjoy this post but what can we do, this is a fact that we must share with you.