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Colorful and Healthy Meals You Must Check

Good afternoon friends. Outside is so hot and we recommend you stay home and check our posts. If you follow us often, you already know that our ideas are simple and unique, inspiring and never take you too much time to check it!

Today, our task is to show you colorful and healthy meals that you can prepare right now in this MINUTE and refresh yourself.

Healthy meals – make watermelon elephant

The first and the best idea is about how to make fruit art, in this case, watermelon. Make an elephant in the place and eat it immediately! See how cute looks this!

colorful and healthy meals
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Make a snail with kiwi

The next idea is also cool and easy to make. It’s about snails made of kiwi and decorated with cream. How I love to prepare this for my little children, will adore it.

healthy meals make snail with kiwi
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Make penguins with bluberries

The third idea is also so good and looks so colorful. Teach your child to eat healthy food and fell in love with fruit catering. In this case, blueberry penguins.

fun idea - blueberry penguins
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Junk food with apple 🙂

This is the funniest idea I have ever seen. It’s junk food made with apple. You can prepare this for dinner time for your little ones and make them happy.

junk food with apple
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Little mermaids – healthy and colorful meals

Few blackberries, strawberries, and blueberries will be enough for making mermaids that will be eaten by your kids’ mouth! Suddenly, they will start eating healthy food and you will be so proud, mother.

colorful meals
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