Detox Your Body for only 24 Hours

After our last post that was about candle holders decoration in white color, we are here with new posts and ideas. Today we have a post for you about how to detox your body for only 24 hours. We wrote this post because during the holidays we eat a lot of meat and now we must detox our bodies.

Good night’s sleep

The very first thing you need to do is to sleep well at night. Good night’s sleep will help you to get fresh again. Sleep is what we need to feel rested and calmed.

Drink a big glass of water when waking up

The next thing you have to do in the morning is to clean the body with big glass water.

Avoid alcohol

The other thing to do is to avoid alcohol in this period because you have already drunk enough in the period of the holidays.

Drink green smoothie

The other thing do to is to drink a green smoothie and be refreshed for a short period.

detox body
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Don’t deprive yourself

This menas that you don’t need a poor diet but you need vitamins. Do all these things we mentioned above and will be detoxed for only 24 hours.

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