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Different Exercises in Different Parts of Your Body/ For Women

Hey friends. To have a perfect body you must do different exercises in different parts of your body. Stay with us to find the details and find some help for yourself and also for friends. Also, check about how one fox became web sensation while she was sleeping on the tree stump in the urban places.

Flat stomach workout

The biggest problem for many women is the belly and this is how to get rid of it through exercises. You need to make: 60-second plank, 30-second Russian twists, 30-second reverse crunch, 30-second bicycle crunches, lying leg raises, plank knee to elbow. Do this exercise each day and see the results for only one week.

different exercises
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Sexy thigh slimming exercises

Butt bridge, wall sit, dumbbell deadlift, lunges, squats, side lunges. Do all this to get sexy thigh slimming and sexy legs. Check the photo for details.

sexy thigh slimming exercises
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Ultimate butt workout

Second butt lift, sumo squats, donkey hits, fire hydrants, bodyweight squats. Do all these and you will have perfect ultimate butt workout.

ultimate butt workout
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Get rid of flabby arms

Ho to get rid of flabby arms? Take a look at the photo and find the details about how to lose weight. By the way, this will be the last photo we had to share with you and hope you will practice this.

get rid of flabby arms
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