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Disney Commercial 2019, Reminds Parents that Children grown-up so Fast

Disney commercials are always the best commercials that teach us life lessons. this year their commercial reminds us of how fast children grew up and this I will mention something more about it. While the daughter prepares to head off for college, a father reminisces on simpler times as he watches a home video of her much younger self sharing an embrace with Cinderella at DisneyWorld. At that moment, the father cries and feels sad for hid daughter’s leaving while the daughter is calling him, Dad, Dad?? Dad attempts to hide the tears and lighten the mood by jokingly insisting that he says that he won’t even notice his daughter’s absence. – I won’t even notice that you won’t be here,, With this joke daughter also cries and here is the end.

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The video has 25,681¬†views on Youtube for only 111 days, so here you can check why is so popular. The commercial is named Meeting Cinderella, so let’s have a look at it.

What can we as parents learn from the video? We cal learn that the time when they are small is so short and everything lasts so short. Maybe parents are nervous when growing up their children but in the period when they will be a bigger one, they will surely miss the times when they eas so little and cute!!!

Me as a parent, when I saw the commercial, I felt so sad because I’m so attached to my two little children that someday when they will grow up, I will miss this period! Period with Disney fairytales, toys, stories…. period with so much love between mother and children!!!

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