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DIY Small Fairy House With Plastic Bottles

If we are creative, we can make a lot of things with our plastic bottles. For example, we can make small and fairy house and love it the house each day. Exactly this will be a topic today in our post and your task is to stay with us for a while and find inspiration in it!

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To make fairy houses like this in the photo, you will need just three cocoa cola bottles and see the result. It’s stunning!

diy small fairy house
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Or, to make a fairy house like this, you will need just two bottles! Which house will you choose, stays on you to choose?

make this fairy garden
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And this is what to make with one bottle. I think that this will be my choice. One plastic bottle is enough to make one amazing fairy house like this!

bottle fairy house
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On the next link, you can see a tutorial of the full process of making the house friends. Thanks for your time and try to make some of these houses!!!

This is all we had to share with your friends. Keep following us in the future when we will be back with new posts like this and ideas similar to these!!!! We love you and wish yo have nice rest of the day!