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DIY Wall Decor With Yellow Leaves

Hi dear friends. When you want to decorate house walls, in place when stores are closed, do this at home and with lot of creativity. I found the idea in some of the Facebook groups and couldn’t resist not share it with you. The idea is about how to use a sponge, yellow color and crate amazing wall decor with the sponge that we all have at home. See how to make the full project.

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First of all, take a sponge and create a leave shape on it. Next, apply the yellow color and do the prints on the house walls, on the top and also on the corners. The full process you can see in the following photos.

DIY wall decor
DIY wall decor

This is it, now you did great work and decorate your blank walls with yellow leaves so the result looks stunning. I think that we can all make this project in our home during these days when we spend a lot of time indoors. I want to just thank you for your time and invite you to be our follower in the future when we will be back with new ideas similar to these!!! Bye now!