Every Child Has a , Back to School, Anxiety

Hey parents. !st of September is coming and almost every student feels the, back to school, anxiety. They feel bad about getting up early in the morning, going into school and studying which they haven’t done for three months.

I think that every parent should try to help their children before starting with the school. They should make conversation with them, to write some letters, to read books and try to tell them that they must go to school if they want to be educated people.

back to school anxiety

Science says that every child in the age from 6 to 10 years has some anxiety about going back to school. So, if you as a parent think that your child doesn’t feel anxiety for going back to school, you should see carefully and see if your child needs some help.

Buying some new books, pencils, new clothes, notebooks can help your children students. Reading books together before sleeping, repeating the material that they passed in the last year in the school can also be of some help.

However, this period will pass and after a month your student and children at the same time, won’t feel angry and anxious any more. Be patient and share this post with parents who need help for them, children!!!

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