Every Young Man Like To Date With Older Women, Why?

Every young man like to date with older women, this is true but why is happening and is there any young man who will ever refuse to be in relationship with a woman older than his age, stay with to find out.

Well, science says that man dream to have a relation with women older than them because of their experience, to learn something new in love. One example for this is Demi Moore and her 16-years-younger husband Aston Kutcher, who were happily in love.

When women are older than the man they can control them, they passed the young ages and now they feel like they know everything. This is what attracts young men who are looking for passion, something new, someone who will teach them new things in love and making love.

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There are couples where the man is so younger than his husband so she could even be her mother or it’s the same case with the girls. There are girls who are dating an older man who can even be their fathers which is something I don’t support.

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In the end, I will like to tell you one story from the city where I live. There was a woman older than her man even for 8 ages and they get married. But the relationship didn’t go great so they get divorced. The reason was that at the end man realized that he has a life to live and the woman already lived her life and she acts like older women which are normal. My advice for you is to choose partner nearly closely to your age, the normal distance should be 1/3 years and nothing more!!!