Eyes Can Tell a Lot About a Person, Can Tell EVERYTHING

There is one proverb that says that eyes can tell a lot about one person or actually it can tell everything. Eyes can tell if a person is sad or happy if the person feels pain and sorrow, is he/she telling the truth or is lying at the moment. There are people who can see almost everything in someone’s eyes and I think that we can see the feelings in the eyes of the people we love, in the eyes of our children and parents because they are as part from us. Today, our topic is about the EYES and we will keep on it to the same end. Invite you to be with us to the end and enjoy in great words!


Eyes can be in different colors, blue, black, green or brown, some of it is large the others small. Some of it is nice the other are just functions. We people and the animals also are nothing without eyes, we can’t live a normal life without thir organ on our face. We need it, to see things and people in front of us but also to express feelings through it.

We can’t say lies when we look at someone eyes, we can’t express love if we don’t see our partner in the eyes and we can’t express pain if we don’t CRY. This tells us that if you look in someone’s eyes and take a deep in it, you will learn how the person feels the moment, is he/she nice man or bad man. You can reveal if she/he is happy with life, if he/she is in love and if he/she is a lier!

There are people who avoid eyes touch because they are afraid of not being revealed by other’s people and they hide something deep in their hearts. Or, the other reason is that they are afraid of falling in love with someone and this is why to refuse eye contact.


To sum up, even though people are different we all have different eyes colors but the same feelings and we should respect each other. Thanks for your attention and please also read about the fires in SIBERIA and pray for it if you can!