Father is a Super Hero for His Children

Father is a super here for his children, sons, and daughters is the topic for today dear friends. Believe or not, the father has the same function in the family as the mother has. Some children are more prone to their mothers but also can’t imagine their life without father. This is why we will spend some time in this post to write a little for this MAN that will give his life for his kids.

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Father in one family has a ask to earn for his family, to grow their kids, to bring food for the kids and also for the mother of the kids and for him also. Even though many people say that mother is those person that take care for the house, grow the kids, however she can’ do anything with the help of the father.

In some families, parents get divorced and the mother is that person that keeps staying and taking care for the children but in this case, I think that the relation between the father and children is something that shouldn’ be broken in any kind of situation. This is not a knot to tie and to cut when bad period comes and this is why this person is always in our hearts FOREVER.

Father is a super hero in children’s eyes

I think that this is super true and you will all agree with me that especially the little girls are those who see his father as heroes. Boys aren’t so much connected with their fathers or some of them simply don’t show their feelings. However, all children deeply in their souls aren’t afraid of anything in life because they know that they have father to be here for them, to help them grow, fight in life, to surpass disease and many other things. To stand every time when they fall, to say that the grades aren’t so importnat at school while the mother is yelling and teaching the children that they should be improved in school. Father is a noun that we should all respect in our life!

For the end of the post, I will conclude with advice for every one of you who is reading this. My advice for every couple is to keep their marriage somehow and to forget about divorce because in this way their children will suffer and no one can replace the father’s place in the family. He was in the past, he is now and he will stay their HERO during their all life, wish you or not, this is the FACT.