Feeling Less Hungry When you Are in Love?

What do you think, true or false? Are you less hungry when you are in love? Read the full-text dear friends hereinafter!!!

Here, I will tell you what science and psychologists say on this topic. When you fall in love with someone, your body releases hormones that suppress your appetite. You don’t feel an appetite for food but for love and for a loved person. The feel-good rush of emotions and excitement take over and trigger hormones, such as oxytocin, that suppress our appetites.

When we are in love, we have a mix of emotions and feelings in our heads. Sometimes we are mad to people we love and this takes us to stress and this is the reason why we don’t eat.

less hungry

The other reason why you don’t feel hungry when you are in love is that you simply forget to eat. In your head, there is only one thing, your man/woman and no time for food.

The other reason that explains this fact is that maybe you consciously try to be slim and pay attention to your diet with the aim to be loved by your partner.

Please also read about the love between mother and children, someone’s place can be never replaced by any other person in life.

However, if you are asking me, I think that when I’m with my partner I feel hungry always and this doesn’t mean that I’m not in love with him. What about you, tell us in the comment and express your own opinion dear friends!