Giving a Watch as Gift It’s a Good Idea

Hey friends. Many people decide to gift watches for a birthday without thinking is this a good idea or no. Well, sometimes it can be a good idea and sometimes it can be the worst idea you bring in your life. I read in a novel that if you give a watch as a present to someone when this person will die the watch will stop showing the time. How amazing fact!

watch as a gift

When you give a watch as a gift you are saying so many things to the person that celebrates a birthday. You can say a lot of things that you keep in your heart. Read the words you are saying without opening your mouth!

My time is your time

You are saying that you have enough time for that person and that the person is very special to you. If you don’t think in this way, the watch isn’t good idea as a present.

I think about you every second of the day

It means too much love for this person. You want to say that you think of this person every second and minute of the day. What do you think? Who is the lucky person in your life that deserves this watch?

I want to be by your side

I am giving you this watch to be by your side when I ‘m not with you. how cute sound this and we all want to hear it by our loved people in life.