Growing Up Without a Mother Affect a Child

Not every child has the happiness to live all life with mother behind. There are those little and unhappy children who have lost their mother early and they have to grow up without her.

Mother plays an important role in children’s life and her love can be replaced by grandmothers, fathers, aunts, etc. Ther eare situations when the mother is alive but she doesn’t pay attention to the children. Growing up, as a child in a neglectful household would cause numerous difficulties throughout life. Not being able to form an attachment with the primary caregiver (usually the mother) would hinder social and emotional development, confidence, the ability to make and maintain healthy relationships… The list is endless. Those children who grow up in neglectful and abusive, households learn to see the world in an ‘unsafe’ way and often suffer trauma as a result. 

There are cases when the mother leaves the child and she never comes back for him which can cause lately mental health problems to the child. In some of the cases, mothers came back years after and look for their children but someone else has already taken them and was like a mother for them.

There are many reasons why an alive mother will leave her child. I beleive that every mother love her child but when death happens she will leave her child and the child will grow with the help of the rest members of the family. There isn’t any person who will love him in the same way as the mother does, so this child grows with an empty place in the soul and never find soothe for the mother’s death.

without a mother
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Children who grow without mother have problems in school, avoid meeting new friends, are feeling sad, are angry, drink alcohol. Some of them, are addicted to drugs later in life and are violent. So, all this is a result of growing up without the mother’s love, something that pushes the child ahead and taking into life.

To sum up, I don’t know what’s the feeling of growing up without mother but we should all keep alive and continue with life. If your mother left you without reason she is already computing and suffer for you. If she is dead, she is looking for you from heaven and loves you from there.