Growing up Without Siblings, Problem?

Well, the title is provocative and interesting dear friends so I hope you will spend some time to read it. It’s about growing up without siblings a big problem or is better, read more about it.

Actually, doesn’t mean that it is the problem to be the only child in the family because of that everything that parents own will be owned to than only child. The problem is that this child won’t have company to play with, any brother or sister to play with life and later when they will be grown up. Even if we can’t say that it is a problem but it is surely a disadvantage dear friends.

without siblings
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I think that children that were only one in families are more selfish, they don’t know and like to share their toys and things they have with other people. While, on the other side, those who have siblings know to share everything, food, toys, clothes and everything they have. Also, they don’t have time to get bored but have friend to play with n each period of the day.

Sometimes parents don’t fault for giving brother or sister to their already-born children because this isn’t possible. This might be hard when children wish to have it and this can’t be achieved.

Well, to be honest, I had no isnpiration to write more on this topic because I have one brother and one sister which made me the happiest sibling in the world. What about you, are you the only child in the family or you have siblings? Tell us in a comment and we will answer you!!!