How to Choose the Best Hair Color?

Hey friends. Today we will show you how to choose the best hair color and to be satisfied with the new look. Red-colored, pink-colored, green and blue color, white-colored hair is the types of hairs we usually see around. But when making a choice among these color you have to follow some of the rules that we will mention hereinafter. Also, you have to think if the color you wish to apply to the hair will surely be a goal for you because if you have black hair the chances to renew your hair in yellow are small. But, if you have yellow hair the chances to color your hair in red and black or brown are bigger!

Make the right choice but first, read the rules that we searched on the net and we will present to you with the aim to give you some inspiration!!!

Rule number 1

The hair color depends on the skin color, for example, if you have dark skin white hair should not be your choice. but, it would be better to keep the standard brown or black color for your hair. On the other side if you have white skin you can choose a red, white, yellow color to the hair.

hair color

Rule number 2

Eyes play also an importnat role while you are choosing the hair color. So, if you have brown or black eyes, maybe it would be better to add dark red color to the hair, while if you have green or blue eyes, you can keep the yellow color or white to the hair.

Rule number 3

The hair color also depends on the size of the hair. So, if you have short hair, use the dark tone, light tone on the hair, While long hairs remind to brown and black color. However, this isn’t strictly right so we can sometimes make an exception of the rule.

hair color

Hope that you already made a decision about the hair color and you will give this advice to your friend who is also in plan to renew their hairstyles. Thanks for all the time you spent with us. By the way, read about our last post and find out is there life after death, something very informative that we chose for you.