How to Fix Damaged Hair from Straightener

Even if know how dangerous a straightener is for our har, we constantly use it. Just plug it apply to our hair and we do this every day when suddenly we see damaged hair. Today, we will keep on the tips on how to fix the damaged hair from straightener so maybe there will be a solution for your damaged hair. If you still haven’t hair like this, be careful to not damage it and reduce the use of straightener.

Read the details hereinafter and start with your hair treatment. Do this at home instead of going to hair saloon and making some hair treatments that won’t have an effect on your damaged hair!

fix damaged hair
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Green tea with argan oil

First of all, turn off the straightener and stop using it every day, use it just once per week. This is enough, and learn how to be satisfied with your naturally curly hair. Now, when you will have a habit like this, you can start with green tea with argan oil. Argan oil and green tea will revive your burnt hair, will give fresh look and new hair.

Use Argan oil shampoo

Argan oil shampoo helps your hair to stop falling, to be renewed, to be revived so start using it.

Coconut oil

The third secret is coconut oil that you should apply on your hair and be surprised by your new hair look. Choose one of these three techniques and enjoy your new hair. Feel free to share your before and after results on comment below the post and we will be so thankful for your time.

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