How to Live With Broken Heart

Hello dear, fancy life corners, how are you this day? Thanks for the question we are fine today, looking for new inspirational posts and sharing with you in an unselfish way! Did you read the last post about why a man decides to be with women older than their age if you missed follow this link and read it in a quick way?

Today we have again an interesting post for you and for all us and it’s about the situation that rarely happens to all of us. Can we join together the two pieces of the broken heart or no? You will find the answer in the following in the post which is about how to live with a broken heart, spend your time with is and try to find some soothing for you in hard moments!!!

People are different and we all have different feelings, different emotions and we all act differently in situations that happen to us. Some of us cry even in happy moments, some of us even don’t cry when a close person dies. It’s the same with the broken heart, some can live life normally after pain in the heart after a person dies and a partner make an end up to the marriage or relationship and some of them can’t imagine life after this. I think that we should all find some way to continue life when our heart is broken and to try to recover a happy life before some bad situation that happened to us. Some people felt a broken-hearted even from their friends when they make them laugh and feel bad. Some people feel broken-hearted when his pet dies or any other things.

broken heart
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I think that when this happens, when we feel pain in the soul, we should travel around, buy some new clothes, going out with friends, listening to music but of course we don’t need sad music now. We need to cheer, we must forget what happened, we should’s feel ashamed to cry and feel bad because this is a normal period of life and we all passed. The other thing to do is to run, delete all photos behind us, delete all memories in the phone we have, throw all souvenirs we had with the person that left us and broke our heart. But what to do if your heart is broken by a person that died suddenly and was very close to you? Well, in this case, you can go everyday burials and finding some soothe in this while visiting the thumb to the person that died and leaving a fresh flower on it.

gave over - broken heart

At the end of the post, thanks, if you read the full post and sincerely hope yo, found some soothing for the broken heart, of course, hope your heart isn’t broken but maybe it will be someday. We never know what will happen in the future so should be prepared for WHATEVER IT COMES!!!