How to Prepare Your Children Emotionally for Kindergarten

Children are different. Some of them are more emotional than the others and can’t easily accept the separation. I mean separation when they must go to kindergarten or school, these days might be awfull for the children and for parents also. Most of the children cry when they see the kindergarten even though the first day they passed great there. So, here are some tips on how to prepare your children emotionally before going to kindergarten.

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Psychologists say that babies at a young age 1,2 will be easily adapted to kindergarten. Otherwise, those children who are at the age of 3 will hardly accept the separation, especially if they were connected to the mother and the mother was home to grow them. As I said in the introduction, this isn’t the rule, because children are different. Here is some tips to prepare your children for the first day in the kindergarten:

kindergarten separation
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Tell the child that you will be waiting outside the building

Your child will feel safe if you wait outside, in front of the building. For example, to be more secure your child, you can tell to check you through the window.

Tell the child that there are a lot of new friends

Tell your child, that you must go working and now is the period to separate for only few hours. Explain, how there are new friends which parents are also on work to earn money for their children.

Get known the child with the teacher before the first day in the kindergarten ( if it is possible)

If you know the new teacher that will be educating your child, it’s easy to get known to her. Also, meet her with your child that will start loving her new teacher.

Let your child cry for some time, it won’t happen anything

If your child cries, let it cry. This is okay, in this way, tears will help him to pass this separation. However, this sill stop for a few weeks and after this period comes, your child won’t like to leave the kindergarten but will wish to stay longer. Let me tell you that this happened with my own child.

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