How to Protect Your Plants in Winter

Winter is the period when many plants are dying due to the cold weather. No season is harsher for the flower and plants than the winter period. There are winter plants that can surpass this cold period but also there are plants that need our help to survive. We all have those favorite plants that we want to see it every season from the year. I invite you to check this short post where we will give tips about how to protect the plants in winter and to have it and admire it again in the spring period.

winter and plants
Photo via www.serenataflowers.com

Reduce watering

During the wintertime, your plants don’t need to much water so don’t exaggerate with the water. Plants grow a slower rate in winter and you must know this. This is the first advice that you must always remember if you want to give life to your plants.

Put plants in light

We know that in winter the day is shorter so you must take care of your plants to get enough light. You can put the flower pots next to the window and keep alive the plant in the winter period.

Put the plants indoor

There is nothing you can lose if you put the pots indoors. In this way, you will warm it. the only thing you should know is that you shouldn’t sleep in the same room where your plants are growing.

growing plants in winter time
Photo via www.thechilliking.com

Wipe plants

Dusting your plants may sound odd, but these particles can actually block the pores of leaves and make it difficult for plants to ‘breathe’. By giving them a quick wipe you will help them to survive and keep them looking fresh and clean. Let me tell you how I clean the leaves of my plants. It might sound silly but this is the truth: I take wet wipes and mayonnaise on it and beleive me the results are stunning. your plants will be shining for only a few minutes and there isn’t any better cleaning than this! 🙂

Please also check is it better to grow up without siblings or it’s greater to have brother and sister. Both have benefits and I invite you to check the post to make the things clear. Now, I want to thank you for the time and attention you spent with us!!