How to Spot Jealous Friend!

Jealousy is normal human reactions and we can be jealous to our friends, to our brother, sisters, and cousins either. Being jealous isn’t a good feeling and may force us to make stupid things just to make something bad to our friend and make it happen something to destroy a friend’s happiness.

Otherwise, having a jealous friend isn’t a good option so here are the signs that will help you to spot your jealous friend!

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jealous friend
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Your good news isn’t good for your friend

Even if you have good news your friend just says that this isn’t something to be happy about it. Here you have the first sign that you have to deal with jealous friends.

Your friend is coping you

The next signs are if your friend just does something similar you do. This reveals that your friend is just saying that you don’t want to see you be first on the line of successes.

Make you feel insecure

Your jealous friends try to make you insecure and with this to put you down. You don’t need a friend like this!

Doesn’t offer support

When you achieve great school scores, get some new love, probably you don’t find support in your friend. Someone who is jealous has nothing to offer like this!

It making you feel bad about your negative sides

Even if you have so positive sides your friend is always reminding you about your negative signs. This makes you feel bad but also shows you that this isn’t a true friend but just a fake! Make a distance and walk away.

After knowing these facts, I’m sure you will spot your friend and make a distance from him/her!