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How to Take Care for Kids When You Get Sick?

Good morning friends. Today we have a useful post for all mothers in this world that are taking care of their children but also for their husbands in some way. How many times happened to you to get sick and still take care of your children? To me, it happens rarely, but even if I get sick, I have flu and have high temperatures I’m still here, taking care of my own kids because there isn’t any person here to help. This is a case that often happens to many families and many mothers must take care of their children even if they have a flue or any other disease. In the following, we will show how to pass this condition and survive somehow.

The survey that I made reveals that women, when to get sick, will fight the flue better than men. This is explained by the fact that many men when getting sick just lay in the bed and don’t move. On the other hand, mothers/women are still standing on legs, have no time to lay and still taking care of their kids. While they are still standing, they can survive easily and the flu to over for only 2 days.

But there are some rules about how to take care of kids when yo are sick. First of all, protect your children, put a mask on your face, don’t kiss them when you are sick. Avoid close contact with them until you recover. In this way, your kids will stay healthy and you will take care of yourself and try to be healthy again for a short period.

If this isn’t your case and firstly your child gets sick and then you, you must still take care of your children, I understand. Avoid drinking from the same glass, eating in one plate or with one fork or spoon. Maybe your child will recover firstly so you must stop spreading the virus, the flu or some bacteria.

taking care of kids when you are sick
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Drink tea, consume hot chicken soup, take some pill,s eat fruits and help your immune system to boost and get recover. Get rest, sleep when your kids are sleeping, homework can wait and nothing will be changed or wasted if you don’t clean the house for two days but in this way, you will help yourself.

In the end, I have advice for all mothers, take care first for yourself and next for your children because only a healthy mother can raise healthy children. Check our last post about how to do the wall art with the sponge and yellow paint color.

Unfortunately here I must say goodbye to you and put and end to the post. Thanks for your time and I hope that my advice helped you a little!