How to Wash Fruits in The Best Way?

Good morning friends. We all love eating fresh fruits and veggies but before eating we must clean it deeply. The best way to remove microbes from fruits and keep it clean is to wash it with soda. In some cases, when fruits are very dirty you will also need a fruit brush for deep cleaning.

In the period with viruses around, we surely must take care to eat healthy food and remove all batteries in food that can enter in our body through the mouth. None of your fruits should be eaten if it isn’t washed, remember this.

wash fruits
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This is something that tells us that we wash our hands with soap and this is how we keel microbes. In cases with fruits, we can’t wash it with soap but in this way, we just add a little soda.

You can add the soda in the sink and pour hot water and now to add the fruits. Leave the fruits here for about 1 minute and later see the result. All the microbes have disappeared. Do the same thing with strawberries, but also with the spinach.

Check how to make the best plan for this month, June, and know exactly what to do each day. Add the washing fruits with soda in some of your day in the calendar, in your plan.

This is all we prepared for you today and I think that you read the full post and found something useful. Do this in practice and stay healthy as never before!