Ideas on Creating Nice Gallery Wall

Figuring out where to hang your favorite photo frames and which of the house walls to be your special and here to create a nice gallery wall, can be hard sometimes. Which size of photo frames to hang here, how long the distance should be, which photos to hang, the answer to these questions you will find if you stay with us for some time and have a look in our photos. In our photos, you can clearly see and LEARN how you should be looking at your gallery wall at home, so stay with us for some time!

Don’t choose equal-sized photo frames

The first thing you should keep in mind is to find a suitable empty wall that will be your own gallery wall. Remember that this wall will be seen by every person entering the house so choose to add here the best photos you have. the second thing is that you should never choose photo frames with equal size, choose large and small frames that together will be like one wall, of course, if are correctly added.

nice gallery wall
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If you have no idea which walls of the house to choose for hanging your photos, you can choose the entrance hall wall. Find some ideas in the next photo.

photo frames
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living room wall gallery
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A romantic way to hang your photos on the walls of the living room place. Hang here all the memories you have with your loved person and family! Family above all friends!!!

heart shaped gallery wall
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What yo usee at this moment is the cutest and the last photo from the post. Here you can learn how to hang the photos at home in the coolest and sweetest way! Thanks a lot for your time and bye!

sweet home
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