If Your Plants Need water to Grow Why you Give Coca Cola to Your Kids???

We as a parents sometimes make a mistake when we teach children that they should drink Coca Cola instead of giving them water. But, when making this we should think about if our children really need drinks like this to grow up or only clean water is enough.

Here, I will give you an example of it. You have a lot of plants and flowers at home, what do you give to it to live??? You give them water and not drinks like that! This is great example that should teach us and force us to read more on the net about drinks like these and find out how unhealthy we give to our children.

It’s not just the Coca Cola but also Pepsi, Fanta and any other drink that contains sugar is an unhealthy to drink for you and for your children too. Sometimes children watch what we are doing and we should give them the best example. If we as a parents drink water they will surely drink water too.

plants need water
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Otherwise, if we give bad examples to our children and constantly drink Coca Cola we will teach them bad lessons giving them wrong information that this is a healthy drink for them. Don’t do this and when doing this next time remember about the flowers and watering!!!

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