Important Things to do When Going on Vacation

Hey friends. If you are already on vacation check if you did all these things which are very important. But if you are preparing to go, check these tips that will help you a lot!!!

Make sure that you locked all doors at home

This is the most important thing you should do before going on vacation but when you are already there, call your neighbors to check if you really did this. But not just to lock the doors but also make sure that you turned off all the electrical parts at home.


Turn off the phone and wi-fi

I think that the other importnat thing you and will we should do when going on vacation is that we should turn off the phone. Otherwise, we will spend the time there in scrolling on the net, checking updates, we will tag our friends, we will tag the location where we are. This may be a test if we can imagine a week without a phone. I think that this is also great because your phone will be safe at home and you won’t drop it into the water!

turn off the phone

Don’t forget to take your passport with you!

If you are going out of the country on vacation, don’t forget to take your passport with you and the driving ticket. If you forget this you will have to return home!

Take some pills with you in case you need it

The other important thing to do before going on vacation is to take pills with you. You can’t know what will happen but you will surely need it! this is the last advice for today!!!


If you read all this, I wish you to spend a nice time on vacation. If you have time now please also see this word sensation, photo of a footballer and one-handed two years old which are handshaking. This photo shows how life can be cruel sometimes but what can we do, life goes on, whatever happens!