Instructive Story for One Man Who Was Selling Eggs

Hey friends. Sometimes we can learn a lot from the stories we heard from old people, or read on the net. Today we have a lesson about one man who spends all his life in selling eggs and earn to survive. If you have some free time, please read it.

One day, this old man was selling eggs like every normal day. suddenly cam one,, Madam,, and she asked: How much are you asking for one egg?

The old man quickly replied: ‘Rs.5/- an egg, Madam.

Madam said nervously: Give me 6 eggs for Rs.25 or I won’t buy even one!

The old man agreed and was happy for selling at least 6 eggs for the price of 5. However, he will buy bread for him and he will pass the day.

What happened next?

The same Madam went to the restaurant and eat a special lunch. While she had to pay Rs.1,400/-. She gave Rs. 1,500/ and asked the owner of the restaurant – Keep the change.

The points are that maybe the owner saw this as a normal thing for him but beleive me it was too painful for the eggs seller. Man, who was trying to pass the day, maybe he has a nephew to feed and this Madam took his money just to give it to the rich man. To sum up, I think that we should try to help those who need our help and not giving money to those who don’e even need our money. However, some people wish to be in the center of attention and giving money there where there is no need for it!

selling eggs
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