Intelligent People Tend to Have Fewer Friends

Good morning friends. Today is 06 April and it’s time to wake up and stay some time with us, reading our new post. Today we have a post of category psychology and it’s about why intelligent people tend to have fewer friends. This isn’t just a case with adults but also with kids with high IQ. Stay with us and read the full text to find out the reason.

They are selective and choose their friends

The very first reason is because they are smart and selective. They can choose friends and avid some of those that don’t like ti. This is the most obvious reason why some of the intelligent people stay alone or have just one or two friends which are sometimes almost enough. Better to have one try friend that million fake and this is what psychology confirms.

They try to find someone like them

They try to find a smart person like them because we know that friends are a reflection of our own personality. This is why we can sometimes hear, look at his/her friends and you will meet the person. Be careful who your friend is or who you think is your friend.

They look for a real friend

When you are intelligent, you must choose right and you don’t need fake friends. I think that living in this modern society is pretty hard to find real friends even if you are looking for it for a long time. This explains the reason why intelligent people have fewer friends than ordinary. they can’t find the real one!

Less satisfied with social interactions

The other reason and the last fro this post si that these people are satisfied with themselves and with their high IQ. Otherwise, they are less satisfied with social generations and choose to be alone, without other people. I don’t think that this is right, but it can be true sometimes, in some cases.

why intelligent people have fewer friends
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