Interesting Facts About Color Blindness

There are people that don’t see colors and this condition is named color blindness. This person can’t drive a car because they can’t see the signs in the traffic. More on this topic you will find in this post if you DECIDE to stay with us for a while.

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color blindness
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Red and green color blindness goes together

Those who are blind for red color are also blind for green color too. This is why people shouldn’t drive a car even if this is allowed in some of the countries.

Color blindness affects man rather females

This condition affects men instead of women. It doesn’t mean that this is a rule but it happens often.

Colored lenses or glasses can help

It’s true that colored lenses and glasses can help you to try to see some other colors that you were blind to it before. But also is true that either these lenses and glasses can’t bring you normal vision.

It’s genetic

If a future mother has problems with colorblind, her children will also suffer from this condition.

People with color blindness hardly find a job

The most irritating fact I found is that many people with this condition were refused for getting the job because they had this problem.

People with this condition have a name!

These people are named Coldlindors and they learned how to live their life with this eye problem!

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