Is a Good Idea to Keep Your Pet Indoors?

Well, the answer to the question: Is a good idea to keep your pet indoors? is that it isn’t actually a good idea to do this. Even though you are so in love with your pet, you should take care of it outdoors. especially, keep in mind this if you have little children at home.

Even though you keep the hygiene to your pet, it will still transfer diseases to your and your children. Maybe some people are a skeptic for this and they can’t separate from the pet, they even share their bed with the pet. This is completely wrong. the cat or dog must know his place and even if you keep it at home, during the night you can out the pet sleeping outdoors and protect yourself. Your dog doesn’t need a home-like we people need and will be satisfied with a small wrought iron house placed in the garden p[lace.

keep pet indoors
Photo via www.pet-store.org

How can be so sure that your children are safe with your dog playing indoors? Well, yes, there are really some smart dogs that won’t hurt your baby but there could be little danger. I keep my pet – dog outdoors so I never out the dog enters the house.

I have other question for you, how can you be so sure that your pet doesn’t try to taste your lunch or cup of milk you put it on the table at home? Well, you can’t be sure, so when there is food into the house, show the door o your pet!

However, every person is different and have a different opinion so we should leave every person to make his own decision about this. I already gave my opinion on the topic and now you are there to decide.