Is it OK For Parents to Force Their Eldest Child to Take Care of Youngest Siblings?

Good evening dear parents. Today, we have an interesting topic for all you and is named is it okay to force your eldest child to take care of younger brother/sister. Well, if you are asking me, I think that it is not OK to pass your job as a mother to your eldest child. Your job is your job, and your baby is your baby. Remember that the eldest child is also a child and it also needs attention from you, not forcing it to take care of a baby.

Let me tell you that many times happened to me to ask for some help from my oldest son to babysit my youngest child and he refuses. Firstly, I have no understanding of this, I was angry. After making a research, I realized that this is a mistake and both children are just children. The research I made clearly explained to me that parents should take care of every child equally and not forcing them to babysit.

Forehead, if parents force their children to do this, they increase the jealousy between a child. The effects are negative, they show more love for the youngest child.

Making a comparison between boys and girls, I think that many girls that are the eldest child I the family WILL agree to babysit their youngest baby. This isn’t the same with boys that don’t want this job and they will simple REFUSE babysitting.


My advice for all parents is to try to understand their children, to love them equally, to remember how they were taking care of the eldest child when it was just a little baby and in that period also had no help from anyone. If you need some help, ask your mother, mother in low to help you and this is it, that’s how you will pass the days in homeschooling and growing kids. This period will surely PASS and after year or two, you will hug both of your children that will be now grown up with the love from mother and father.

I hope that our post was an education for you and many young parents will take an example from it. How often should we brush our teeth, click here and rea dour last post?