Is it True That Anxiety Kills Your Appetite?

Hello friends. To me, many times has happened to be so hungry and have an appetite to eat the full plate but suddenly I can’t eat. I can’t eat because my partner said something that made me feeling anxious or my children have made a mess around. So, this explains the fact that feeling anxious can help you to lose weight and it surely kills your appetite.

People are different so not every person loses appetite when feeling nervous but there are also people who gain weight and have even more appetite when feeling nervous about something. I think that we should all try to calm down and even if we feel bad, we should eat every day in the same period of the day.

anxiety kills appetite
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If we are nervous every day and we can’t eat we should definitely stop this because we will get sick. The very first thing that will happen is that we will lose weight which will be great for those who are on diet but it would be bad for those who have low blood level because the level will go down on the line.

Even if we feel nervous we should eat some salad or anything else and boost our appetite. I think that sometimes food can help us to fight with anxiety so why don’t you try this and tell us in the comment is this the truth!

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