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Is Looking at Old Photos Making you Sad or Happy?

Good morning friends. I’m born in 1993, in a period with no phones and net, in the period when the only photos people were taken were with camera. In that period, we as children were spending too much time in-game outside but have no photos to prove it and remember this because we couldn’t take photos easily. Like it is today.

Now, in 2020, everything is changed and people can get photos at any period of the day, share it on social media and make it memories. My POINT is to explain do we feel sad or happy when looking at old photos, so I invite you to stay with us for some time and read the full text.

Well, both feelings are here, mixed in one place. Firstly when you see old photos, memories bring you back in the old time when you were happy. Suddenly, you feel sad because you can’t go back to that period when you were happy. Suddenly you feel nostalgic for the place where you have been living but you aren’t there now, for the people that were in your life but maybe they are dead now or far away from you.

looking at old photos

Suddenly you feel happy to show your kids what was your life was through photos but now after 5 minutes, you feel sad because you feel old now. Where have gone those days when you was a kid and have no problems but the only problems where your grades at school and who to play with?

Time flies and just memories are here and photos that will make you miss those old days. What else can we do unless to stare in photos that will take us in the past – but only for a MINUTE?

looking at old photos

My advice for you is if you are a too emotive person, never see the old photos alone. Call your mother, sister or some person from the family to have someone to soothe you when you start crying when you open the wooden box with old photos.

Thanks for the time friends, I hope the post was interesting for you. Maybe you will want to check our last post about cute animal moms and babies photos that will ruin your heart and make your day. Check it here and thanks so much!