Is Your Boyfriend Following All Woman on Social Media??? Do this!

Many couples, many marriages have broken off due to social media. the most often reason for their ending up are likes, comments and following on Facebook, Instagram. Some people don’t mind this while others get angry and jealous. More text about this you will read hereinafter where we will tell you what to do if you boyfriends are following another woman on social media. Be with us!

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Tell him that this upsets you

There is the man that add likes to their girlfriend friends, to their ex-girlfriends and on the other side, there are girld who feel nervous and angry about it. If you feel upset because your boyfriends are adding likes to another woman and he doesn’t add likes to your profile picture, tell him about it. If he is smart and he really loves you, he will stop doing this.

Do the same thing that the does – Karma

If you already told him but he isn’t listening to you, do this thing. Do the same that he does, add likes to their friends, to every man that will see on social media. This is called Karma so he will realize what he’s been doing all the time.

Ask his Facebook password

It’s okay if he just adds likes to other woman’s photo but how can you be sure that he doesn’t write with them on messenger. For this reason, to be sure and not paying attention to his likes, ask him to give you his pass on Facebook so you can check if he is faithful to you.

Delete friends that you don’t like

Once when you will get the pass, you can delete all friends that you don’t like and all woman that seems dangerous to you. :))) So, if you do this you won’t be nervous in future because he won’t is adding likes on a woman that you hate.

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