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Kangaroos in Australia Are Afraid!!!

While we have a winter period with cold weather and rain, the situation between the South Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean is totally different.  What’s happening in Australia? There are fires caused by extreme heat, prolonged drought, and strong winds. Trees are burning, animal burning, it’s a total disaster. The country is in the grip of a heatwave, with record-breaking temperatures over the last three months. The victims are people that aren’t evacuated from their homes but most victims are animals in the forests.

In fact, millions of animals are afraid that they will lose their lives in the fires! They are understanding what’s happening as the same as we people feel. The example for this are the following photos where you can see a kangaroo that can’t stop hugging the rescue person that saved their life or they are hugging each other. See the photos now.

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I made short research to find out that kangaroos are known to have long memories and have on occasion been noted to form special relationships with human caregivers. So this explains the photo we can see now. People who usually have to have almost daily contact with kangaroos or saved their life will be loved by these cute animals.

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I can see two kangaroos afraid and hugging themselves like this is the last time they are seeing each other. They understand they are afraid for their life because life is beautiful to all of us, for people and also for animals.

fires in Australia
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What else can we say unless to PRAY and say GOD help to these innocent animals that want to live their life in the forests in Australia! Thanks for your attention and time.