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Karma – Getting What You Give

What is Karma and do you beleive in it? Karma is getting what you give. For example, you give good things you get good karma and if you get bad things you get bad karma. If you are a kind and gentle person and you offer help to the people around, it’s sure that good karma will follow you. But, in another case, if you ignore people and do bad things, well expect bad things in this case.

If you are asking me, I think that this is true and karma really exists and here I will give you a few examples. I think for you, for me or anybody to really feel the effects of karma has to know what is right from wrong and people have different ways of thinking and values. Sometimes we are making faulty God for the bad things that happen to us and forget what we did in the past. There is a song in my head right now, what goes around comes around and coming to get around, it’s from Justin Timberlake.

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For example, imagine, you are passing on the are street and you do not offer help to a stranger that is blind, or to an old person, well, expect to be hit by some car. Karma is here and never lose addresses! There is no need for revenge because life will give back everything you made in life or someone made to you!

Have you ever heard of shadow karma? It’s about when you are taking a photo with your best friend and you are making ears with your two fingers but in the shadow, the ears are right thee n your head! Sometimes we aren’t conscious what we are dong and life gives us back as boomerang!!!

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