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Kids are Better in Doing Homework Without the Help of their Parents

Science and psychologists think that kids are better at doing their homework and they even don’t need help from their parents. I agree with this and think that many parents that do that homework for their children make the biggest mistake in life. Why? Because the child must learn that homework is his responsibility and this helps them to learn better the thing that they have learned in school that day.

doing homework

Some children simply get adjust with the help that their parents give them and they don’t feel an obligation to write the homework alone. they just scroll on the phones and don’t pay attention and some of them even can’t remember what they had for homework. This also happens if parents often call the teacher to ask her what was for homework.

This is also a mistake because, in this way, kids aren’t aware that they should remember what the teacher gave him for the task for the next day. All this tell us that children are better in writing homework if we as a parent don’t force them to write, don’t write the homework for them.

My advice for you is to leave your child alone to write the homework and if there is some problem, something unclear, offer help at that moment. But never write the homework instead your children!

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