Learn How to Lose 10 Pounds for a Week

Hey friends. Summer is coming and we all have kilo plus to our weight. Maybe the reason was quarantine and spending more time at home, without going it. However, we can all lose weight and do this for a short period. I will reveal to you how I lost 10 pounds for just one week, stay with me for the details and advice I have to share with you.

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At first, maybe this will look like an impossible mission for you but after following these tips you will also lose weight. Read the tips now.

Don’t eat after 9 pm

The most important thing is to don’t take the food after 9 pm. It is so simple, don’t eat before bed because you can’t burn your calories when you are sleeping.

Skip fried food

Some of the worst food to consume is fried food. Teach your children to avoid this type of food because it is unhealthy. For adults, it’s adding calories to your body making you obese.

Eat healthy breakfast

The most important time to eat in the day is the morning. In the morning, our metabolism is quick so you can eat large portions without getting on weight. You will walk all day so you can lose calories.

Drink water or homemade juice

Always drink water and home juice that will help you to boost your metabolism. This will help you to feel not hungry but still to be slim.

Do exercise

The best way to lose calories is to do exercises regularly. If you can’t go to the gym, you can run in your yard. 🙂

Eat fruits and nuts

Food can help you to lose weight, so choose it carefully. Instead of choosing sandwich, choose fruit and nuts.

lose 10 pounds for a week
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I hope you will follow my advice and will lose your 10 kilos plus on your wight. If there is an effect, tell us in a comment and share your results.