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Make Mask at Home For Only 5 Minutes

Good morning friends! How are you dealing with Covid 19 around the world? We are fine, staying home, working from home with an aim to inspire you and appeal your attention. We all need positive posts in period when there is plenty of tension around. Stay with us for some time to read this useful post that will only take you 2 minutes.

When there aren’t any masks in the pharmacies, don’t panic because you can make it by yourself. How to make it and how much time you will need for this project, stay with us to read the full text and find the details!

make mask
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First step: Take blank paper and draw the mask that will be suitable for your face.

Second step: Measure 14,5 cm in a vertical row and 12 cm in a horizontal row and now cut the paper.

Third step: Take a reusable bag, apply the cutter paper on the bug and cut parallel. A reusable bag can be in any color, pink, yellow, green, blue or any other color, it’s your choice.

Fourth step: Now you have a mask and it only stays to make a rubber band that will be long 11 cm.

Fifth step: There we are to the last step of the project. Sew the blank page with material and now you made a mask. Sew the rubber band on both sides of the mask.

Congratulations, you made a mask for yourself!!!! Now, when you know the full process of making the mask, you can make for the whole family and don’t forget that you should change the mask every 2 hours, to have an effect from it.

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make mask at home
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Thanks a lot for your time and keep following our page in the future when we will be back with our new post that will be again DIY project. something that will be useful for all you and will be easily done in no time! Thanks again!