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Searching for the Most Beautiful Sunflower – Short Story

Today we have an interesting and teaching story to tell you. Be with us and read the story together with your friends.

Once upon a time, there was a young and unhappy boy that was looking to find a beautiful woman in this world. He was unhappy because he couldn’t find a beautiful woman as he liked. Searched and searched around with no succsses! One day, he met an old wise man and he told him about the problem he had in life. the old wise man told him to go in the field and to choose only one sunflower – the most beautiful of all sunflowers there.

The young and unhappy man went into the field, he looked and looked around, searched for hours and couldn’t choose the most beautiful sunflower. They were all beautiful and always one sunflower was even more beautiful than the others. The day was passing and finally, late in the night, he was forced to make a decision so he just took the first sunflower that was in front of him.

When he went out of the field filled with sunflowers, the old and wise man asked him: Now, tell me a young boy, did you make the right choice? Did you take the most beautiful sunflower?

On this question, the young boy answered: Well, I did, but this isn’t the most beautiful sunflower, there were even more beautiful than this but my time run out so I took the very first sunflower that was near to me. I think that if I go back, I will still find sunflower more beautiful than this.

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On this answer, the old and wise man answered to the young and unhappy man and taught him on a life lesson:

Listen, young man, in life, we aren’t conscious about the beauty and beautiful things we have in front of us, we don’t cherish the things that God gave us. We are happy but have no idea about this. This is the same case with your situation, you already have the most beautiful sunflower in your hands, but aren’t conscious about it. It’s the same with the woman, you have already found it but just love her! In this world, you can look around with hours, days, months, years, but you won’t find an anywhere more beautiful woman than her. Stop searching for another woman and be satisfied with the things and pleasures you have in life!

I think that this story was so wise and teach you a lesson. Check the last post we shared that was about why we live some things in our head but we forget to live? Thanks for your time and be with us in the following posts!