She lost 10 Pounds in 20 Days. But HOW?

Hi friends. On this lovely Sunday, we will keep on our tips about losing weight in a short period which will be good for your look and also for your health. It’s easy to gain weight, but what is hard is to lose weight and sometimes this looks simply impossible mission. Well, everything is possible if you have faith if you are stubborn and want to make some change and of course, if you follow our page you have the biggest SUPPORT to do this. Our topic is named She lost 10 pounds in 20 days, who is she we won’t reveal you but just will share her secret with you and maybe you want to try it.

If you accepted the challenge let’s start our post, just scroll down.

lost 10 pounds in 20 days
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Drink lemon water

To lose weight, you need to clean toxins from your body and you need lemon water. Drink it every morning at the same time and start the day in healthy way, which is very important to be healthy.

lemon water

Stop with cardio exercises

Have you noticed that your cardio exercises have no effect and you are still obese? The truth is that these exercises might help you psychologically but won’t help you to lose weight and you are still wasting time with it. Try other exercises that will melt your belly, which will help you in losing weight in surely way.


Eat low carbohydrate food

The third the last and the most importnat advice you have to follow to lose weight. I don’t say that you should avid carbohydrate food totally but to reduce it. On your lunch menu should be salad and fruit, instead of bread, pasta, rice, and cookies. Your drink should be lemon water instead of fruit juice or soda.

carbohydrate food

Follow these three tips and see how your 10 pounds will be melted for only 20 days! After 20 days, please be careful to not gain weight again but if this happens you already know what to do!


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